History of Shinsen
Higashi Shuzo was founded in 1860 late in the Edo Period. The present head of the family is the Sixth since the time of foundation. When it was founded, it was surrounded by countryside, and made a sake in the water that was pumped from a nearby shrine is beginning.
Ever since then, the Higashi family has continued to make this sake in the beautiful countryside.

Registered tangible cultural property
Our 12 buildings which includes sake breweries and residential buildings, were registered as a cultural property on January 8, 2009. The design of our sake breweries received great reviews. Three breweries are made of local tuff bricks (Kanagasoishi) and one has a western style, wooden-covered with stained-glass windows. These 4 breweries received especially high evaluation marks because of their rare and wonderful design.
It seems like the tea-ceremony house and the sukiya-zukuri style of building is whispering our sake master's secret message to any visitor who sees it.
The committee members commented that the sake breweries are very small in appearance, but the harmony of breweries and residence makes visitors imagine themselves as ancient prosperous sake brewers.

The Warehouse of Stone
The feudal lord of Kaga domain, Toshitsune MAEDA, moved from Kanazawa to our city Komatsu and lived in Komatsu castle after his retirement. He established the culture of cuisine and tea ceremony.
Our founder, Gen'uemon, started his business 150 years ago. He brewed Sake from local brewer's rice. We won't forget his passion for brewage. We are dedicated in keeping the tradition of brewing delicious Sake.

Sukiya-zukuri style : It is one type of Japanese residential architectural style which incorporates a number of tea ceremony house features. 

Higashi Sake Brewing Company,Ltd Location
Our brewery is located in Ishikawa. Isikawa is blessed with nature, surrounded by mountains (including Mt.Hakusan) and Japan Sea. The Sake brewed with the clear and good-tasting water of Mt.Hakusan goes well with fresh foods from the sea.

Adopted by Japan AirForceOne
The “Shinsen Daiginjo” was an Adopted by Japan AirForceOne 
“a sake that is rich” and “a sake that is fruity”


2009: United Kingdom was awarded again
 a 'a prize' byThe International Wine Challenge
Yamada Nishiki Sake rice preferably polished up to 35%, fermented and  brewed with great care at low temperature for a long period of time results in finest quality Daiginjou sake. Exceptionally smooth and  delicate flavour and fresh, lively fragrance.Well-balanced 


The “Shinsen Daiginjo” was an Adopted by Japan AirForceOne 
“a sake that is rich” and “a sake that is fruity”

Kanazawa Regional 
Taxation Bureau Sake Awards 2018 

Junmai Daiginjo
 Jummai daiginjo

Tanrei Dry
The “Shinsen Junmai Daiginjo”of sake uses the yamada nishiki rice from the Hyogo prefecture, also known as the ‘King Of Sake Rice’.

Junmaiginjo Umakuti
 Jummai ginjo

Super sweet Sake
Super sweet. However, the aftertaste clearly.
Awarded the highest Gold Award at [The Fine SAKE Award,Japan 2018]

Junmaiginjo Kanazawa Kobo Ishikawamon
 Jummai ginjo
The “KNAZAWA ISHIKAWAMON”of sake uses the Ishikawamon rice from the Ishikawa prefecture.and Kanazawa Kobo of Kyoukai Kobo.Refined taste.

Tokubetu Junmai
Japanese standard
TokubetuJunmai has been brewed with meticulous care and traditional method. This flowery fragrant Sake with silky, well-balanced smoothness can be enjoyed chilled or at room temperature.


Organic Junmai Sake
Koshihikari Rice
Using only the premium Koshihikari rice, Hotarumai Organic Junmai Sake is Sharp and exhilarating. Dry and Light-bodied.

Kissyou Shinsen
Kan Sake AWARD
The best gold medal
Each variety has its own rich flavor , and is suitable for any type of serving --warmed, cooled , on the rocks even  hot water stirred in.